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RE: change bar that won't stay off?

Thanks, Dave,

That might actually have worked. Part of the problem was I was working on a
table, and while I knew which line was affected, I didn't know which cell
was affected. Someone else recommended I apply Default Font to the area,
which didn't work, and also recommended I try using As Is from the Character
Designer. That didn't work either but it did tell me where the problem was.
Namely, as soon as I applied As Is in the right cell, the change bar popped
back on.

I ended up just deleting the text from that cell and retyping it. That
worked. However, someone else wrote to me to tell me she had 7 pages of text
with the same problem. So your suggestion may help her and I will keep it in
mind for the future.


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From: Schriber Dave [mailto:dave.schriber@raymondcorp.com]
Sent: Monday, June 16, 2003 1:40 PM
To: Kay Robart; 'framers@frameusers.com'; 'framers@omsys.com'
Subject: RE: change bar that won't stay off?

Did you cut and paste anything into this document from an earlier document?

If so, is there a character tag that turns on the change bar?  

If you have set a change bar via a character tag, FrameMaker remembers where
it was, even if you do a Format>Document>Change Bars>Clear AllChangeBars.
You can see this in the status line for the paragraph.  You will see the
character tag with an asterisk, meaning an override.  The override flag was
set when you deleted (or thought you deleted) the change bar.  

Now, if anything happens that causes overrides to be removed, such as
importing formats with "remove overrides" checked, the override (deletion)
of the change bar character tag will be removed, and VOILA, the change bar
is back!

To utterly remove change bars that were applied by a character tag, you must
highlight each one and apply "Default para tag" character tag.  You can see
by the erasing of the character tag from the status line that it's really

All of this seems inconsistent with the other ways FM handles change bars,
namely via Format>Document>ChangeBars>Automatic Change Bars  and by manually
checking "change bar" in the paragraph designer for the para tag.  Call it a

David L. Schriber
Technical Writer
The Raymond Corporation
Greene, NY

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From: Kay Robart [mailto:Kay_Robart@forgent.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2003 9:52 AM
To: Frame Users (E-mail); Framers (E-mail)
Subject: change bar that won't stay off?

I have a change bar that is appearing in one place in one of my documents
that I can't keep turned off. I never turned change bars on for this
document in the first place. Yet, every time I open it up, the change bar is
on. I turn it off, close the doc, back on again.

Any suggestions?

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