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Re: Get FM stop to asking to save unchanged file

Hello Again Fred,

My email, sent in haste before my 45-mile morning
commute of the day, omitted one important key point
about Modus Operandi, which to me gets most of the
way around your objection to relying on  `Revert to

What I actually do is to invoke  `Revert to Saved'
not only at the END of my session with some file, but
WHENEVER I've just made some change to that file
which I'm sure is NOT a content change, when I'm
through with needing that change to be in effect.
(This M.O. can also go along with saving promptly
after any serious content changes.)

Thus, all NON-content changes get expeditiously
undone.  If that little bottom-of-the-screen asterisk
next to the page count is on when I'm ready to close
up the file, I know that there's been a content change
and that I need to do a save.

The only problem then comes if I slack off and keep
a bunch of non-content changes in effect, while also
making content changes . . .  Usually I don't do that.
Nothing in life comes entirely without cost.

I should note that  `Revert to Save'  is a very fast
and convenient operation.

By the way, even changing the viewing scale factor
from say 100% to 120% turns on that little asterisk!

I've set up another recourse also  setting the
autosave Preference to autosave every two minutes.
Probably sounds paranoid, but it's occasionally been
vital when I got ahead of myself while editing some file.

Chuck Hastings      cwh2@earthlink.net


Fred Ma wrote:

> Fred Ma wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > My post seems to have gotten lost enroute again....
> >
> > -------- Original Message --------
> > Subject: Get FM stop to asking to save unchanged file
> > Date: 11 Jun 2003 02:20:11 -0700
> > From: fma@doe.carleton.ca (fred ma)
> > Organization: http://groups.google.com/
> > Newsgroups: adobe.framemaker,comp.text.frame
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > Is there a way to get FM to not ask to save
> > a file on exitting, if the file has not been
> > changed?  It is the only app to do this, so
> > I usually pause and say "Wait a minute...did
> > I change something?  I don't want to lose it."
> > Most of the time, it's just not worth the
> > trouble to save it under a different name and
> > compare documents with the original.  Instead,
> > I just say "yes" to save the file.  But this
> > changes the time stamp.  I rely on the time
> > stamp as a sanity check to see which copies I
> > have on different machines is the most recent
> > (I archive my files and transfer them from
> > machine to machine depending on my location).
> > So by saving a few minutes by saying "yes" to
> > saving the file, I waste quite a few *more*
> > minutes scratching my head and figuring out
> > the most recent file, without trusting the
> > time stamps.  Been going on for years.
> >
> > Fred
> Thanks, all, for your suggestions.
> Regarding David's suggestion, I don't want to turn
> off updating, I just want to know when real
> changes have been made.  But I would be interested
> on where the archive of recent postings can be
> searched.
> So it looks like I cannot avoid that save message
> if I want to be able to browse the document on a
> different computer from the one on which it was
> generated, unless I save it in view- only.
> Regarding Becky's suggestion, I did a search on
> Document Info, and it seems to apply to the
> generation of PDF documents.  I'm not sure how
> it can help in my case, but perhaps I missed the
> point.
> Regarding Chuck's suggestion, reverting-to-saved
> is like saying no to saving the file.  I prefer
> not to do this unless I'm sure that the changes
> are not content changes.
> I realize I can get the exact time-stamps on
> solaris on windows (I use cygwin, since I'm more
> familiar with unix).  In order to trust the
> meaningfulness of the time stamp, I have to avoid
> saves when the document changes are not content
> changes.  Otherwise, a slightly obsolete draft may
> have a more recent timestamp.
> Thanks again for the suggestions.
> Fred
> --
> Fred Ma, fma@doe.carleton.ca
> Carleton University, Dept. of Electronics
> 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario
> Canada, K1S 5B6
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