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RE: FrameMaker Freebie

To the best of my knowledge, you can not connect the text frame inside an anchored frame with the text frame containing the anchor itself (you get this really nasty cyclic reference problem).

Two possible answers are:

1) design a landscape-oriented page layout for the table (my preference)
2) place an UNTITLED table in a rotated text frame in an anchored frame (as Adam is currently doing) where the anchor is in a "TABLE TITLE" paragraph in the main flow so as to sequence correctly.

On Monday, June 09, 2003 16:19, Jim Stauffer wrote:

The text frame inside an anchored frame is not automatically connected to the main flow. Either manually connect it, or look up "rotating pages" in the User Guide for a different approach to accomplish a landscape table on a portrait page.

Jim Stauffer
Sr. Technical Writer
Sunnyvale, CA

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> Hello All,
> I've created a rotated frame for a Table that needs to be in 
> landscape format.  the procedure used was to create a 
> anchored frame with a text frame included in the anchored 
> frame.  I then edited the table and rotated the frame so that 
> it appears in landscape format.
> The Table Title is set to count from previous sections.  My 
> problem is that when I generate the book this table starts at 
> number 1.  
> Is there some item that I am missing here.
> Thanks,
> Adam
> Adam Gareth Morgan
> Adam.Morgan@Adtran.com
> 256-963-8898

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