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RE: Variable possible in index marker?

Ann Hastings wrote: 
> I don't think it is possible, but I would like to have some 
> index entries
> change the variable text (the year) automatically when I change the
> definition of the variables they reference.
> Is there any workaround way to change the markers themselves 
> as a group,
> even semi-automatically?

You can't put a variable in the marker text, but you can semi-automate
such changes by using IXGen (http://www.fsatools.com/). 

With IXGen, you can generate a list of all the index markers and their
text. Then, you can use Find/Replace to change all the date strings.
Finally, you click a button to "reapply" the edited marker list to the
doc from which it was generated. This way, you're updating the marker
text, not the generated index. 


Richard G. Combs
Senior Technical Writer
Voyant Technologies, Inc.
richardDOTcombs AT voyanttechDOTcom
rgcombs AT freeDASHmarketDOTnet

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