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RE: Variable possible in index marker?

A wonderful free tool from CudSpan called MarkerWorker makes it easy to
change marker text. (IXGen works, too, if you have that.)
Check the PowerTools Utilities on FrameUsers or go to

To use the tool, you generate a single file with the marker text (for a
single file or the whole book), make the changes in that one file
(find/replace), then apply the changes. Very easy and it works great.


Terry Smith, Senior Technical Writer
Per-Se Technologies
300 West Morgan Street, Suite 175
Durham, NC 27701
Office phone: (919) 564-2359
Fax: (919) 564-2185

> -----Original Message-----
> Subject: Variable possible in index marker?

> The variable text says "Y02XXX" and "Y02YYY." I can update 
> the corresponding
> index entries as a group to say "Y03XXX" and "Y03YYY" by just doing a
> Find/Change in the generated index, but that does not change 
> the underlying
> index markers.
> Is there any workaround way to change the markers themselves 
> as a group,
> even semi-automatically?

> Regards,
> Ann Hastings

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