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A Three Week Pause from email ...

You will pardon this off-topic message (I hope) ... 

Since I don't turn on any "I'll be away" auto-responder to my email,
I will use this forum to let you all know that I will be on the road for
the next three weeks with relatively infrequent access to high-speed
internet access and my email. Thus, if you are expecting a very fast
response to an urgent-I-need-an-answer email from me, please, please
cool your heels until I can get back from vacation when I will try to
catch up with the nearly 500 emails-a-day that flood my in-basket.
(Also, having been on the road the last two weeks at the Creo User
Association Conference and the PDF Conference, I am still working
off those backlogs, sorry!)

Thanks and I wish you all a very good Summer.

	- Dov
	  (about to be on the road in Scotland, Wales, England, and London)

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