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RE: extra line spacing with conditional text

Thanks Lynne, Martha, Becky and Jim for your suggestions.  The solution was using Fixed Line Spacing.

To summarize: 

* The extra space showed up in the pdf as well as within FrameMaker, although it
  was more egregious in FrameMaker.  (In the pdf, it was subtle enough that I would
  not have noticed it except that it forced a last line of a section to a new page, which
  I didn't really want.)

* The space was between lines within paragraphs, not between paragraphs.
  Specifically, the space was between lines with conditional text and the ones above
  and below it.  (If the conditional text was in the first/last line of the paragraph, this
  contributed extra space between paragraphs, as well.)

* The conditional text had the same paragraph/character formatting as the rest of the
  paragraph.  I often cut & pasted the names from headings, but then I would apply
  Format->Characters->Default Paragraph Font to the selection, or reapply the
  paragraph style to the entire paragraph.

* The conditional text did not have text style overrides like over/underlining;  it had
  color condition indicators.

David Alt
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At 02:25 PM 6/6/03 -0700, David Alt wrote:
>I ran into a behavior yesterday that I found strange.  I'm using FrameMaker6+SGML on Windows2000.
>I use conditional text for certain names in my document, and I see extra space above and below lines that contain conditional text.  I've tried a few obvious things like reapplying the paragraph style to the paragraph, but the only thing I've found that makes the extra space go away is deleting the conditional text (which isn't a good solution, in my opinion.)

  Is the problem extra line spacing or extra paragraph spacing? As
Becky Swanson suggested if it's extra line spacing, you might try
using fixed spacing.
  If it's extra space between paragraphs, you might turn on element
boundaries and text symbols and make sure that any condition tag applied 
to an entire paragraph is also applied to the end-of-paragraph symbol.

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