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RE: Acrobat 6 Installation Order

Print color management options, some printing PostScript options,
ability to handle large format documents, and ESPECIALLY forms 
creation / edit.

        - Dov

At 6/9/2003 02:16 PM, Jan Fitzpatrick wrote:

>What features were stripped from the Acrobat 6 Standard version? I was going to recommend that our company update to Standard, not Pro.
>Jan Fitzpatrick 
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>When upgrading from Acrobat 5 to Acrobat 6, you should definitely 
>uninstall Acrobat 5 (or Distiller 4.05 or 5 if all you had was the bundled 
>Distiller that came with FrameMaker 6 or 7 before attempting to 
>install Acrobat 6. Reboot. Then install Acrobat 6 (it will probably 
>want your old Acrobat 5 CDROM as evidence for upgrade). 
>There is no reason whatsoever to muck around with uninstalling any 
>component of FrameMaker (any version) itself! 
>        - Dov 
>PS: If you are upgrading from Acrobat 5 to Acrobat 6, be aware that 
>the "Acrobat 6 Professional" version is really the successor to 
>Acrobat 5. "Acrobat 6 Standard" is stripped of a number of features 
>that were standard in Acrobat 5. 

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