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Re: Space above tables in Structured FrameMaker

DW Emory wrote:

> Lynne describes perfectly how it is done in a structured doc. But 
> there's one more trick that could be added. If different tables 
> require different space above settings, you could add a choice-type 
> SpcAbv attribute to the parent element which contains the table (i.e., 
> the element whose format rules specify the paragraph tag to be used 
> for the anchoring paragraph). The default value of the attribute would 
> specify the most commonly used space above settings The other values 
> (assuming there are a finite number of possibilities) would select a 
> different space above setting.
> The values of that attribute would be used in the Format Rules, where 
> each rule would modify the space above setting for the anchoring 
> paragraph. 

Thanks to Lester, Lynne, and Dan for the suggestions.

The main issue I am trying to resolve is that tables must have a certain 
number of points of blank space above if they begin within the body of a 
column, but must have no space above if they begin at the top of a 
column. I have found no way to achieve this using the table fmt alone. 
It sounds like the consensus is that I should define an element like 
TableContainer, wrap my tables in this element, and rely on the same 
formatting "trick" I have used in Unstructured FrameMaker. I will 
implement this approach.

Thank again,



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