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Space above tables in Structured FrameMaker

In Unstructured FrameMaker, it's relatively easy to add a certain amount 
of space above a table only if the table does not start at the top of a 
page. For example, you can define an anchor-table pgf tag with space 
above 23pt, space below -18pt, fixed 0pt line spacing, and 2 pt font 
size, and then for the table fmt, set the space above to -2 pt and the 
space below to 30pt.

If you structure a set of documents and promote the tables so they are 
siblings of the paragraphs they follow, this approach cannot be applied 
because there is no anchor-table pgf tag. In Structured FrameMaker, what 
is the best way to allow a certain amount of space above a table only 
when the table does not appear at the top of a page?

Thanks for any suggestions,


David Knopf ~ Knopf Online ~ San Francisco, CA
mailto:david@knopf.com ~ http://www.knopf.com

Consulting & Training on FrameMaker & WebWorks Publisher
WebWorks Publisher Certified
Member, JavaHelp 2.0 Expert Group
Moderator, HATT, wwp-users & wordhelp

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