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Re: Space above tables in Structured FrameMaker

Maybe I'm missing something, but why not use the Table Designer to specify 
the start position as Top of Page or Top of Column? This forces the empty 
anchoring paragraph to appear at the end of the preceding page or column.
At 08:09 AM 5/22/03 -0700, David Knopf wrote:

>The main issue I am trying to resolve is that tables must have a certain 
>number of points of blank space above if they begin within the body of a 
>column, but must have no space above if they begin at the top of a column. 
>I have found no way to achieve this using the table fmt alone. It sounds 
>like the consensus is that I should define an element like TableContainer, 
>wrap my tables in this element, and rely on the same formatting "trick" I 
>have used in Unstructured FrameMaker. I will implement this approach.

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DW Emory <danemory@globalcrossing.net>

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