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Acrobat questions

Hi experts,

Two questions:
1.  On one of my computers, I have Adobe Acrobat 5.   I have a Word document
(an installation guide) and created a pdf from it with the little button in
Word that lets you magically create a pdf.   Although it tests correctly to
me, a user in Romania says that he receives an error message that says:
"Reader is unable to find or
create the font Courier when open document and click any of the first three
No errors appeared during PDF creation, conversion settings note that all
are embedded-including Courier, etc.  There is only one occurrence of
Courier in the actual document, which is in the word monospace within a
Any idea what would cause this?

2. On the other system, I just upgraded to Frame 7.0 but I have Acrobat 4.0.
For best results, should I upgrade to Acrobat 5?

Thanks very much for your help,

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