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RE: Frame 5.5.6: "This document's Left/Right master pages have an irregular column layout."

> > It turned out that when new pages were added to
> > the doc (simply by typing), those new pages automagically 
> had overrides.
> > The pattern of which pages would have overrides was 
> strange, but the fact
> > remained that there were overrides, 
> This sounds strange, and it shouldn't be happening. When new 
> pages are added,
> they should be identical copies of the corresponding master 
> page, without
> overrides, regardless of any "irregular layout". I created a 
> test document
> with irregular layout, and couldn't repeat the problem you're 
> describing.
> Perhaps there is some sort of document corruption happening. 
> Round-tripping
> to MIF could solve that.

Okay, does it add to the strangeness to say that this is a template doc?
The irregular page/page override effect was showing up in (apparently)
previously-fine documents after File> Import> Formats from the template doc.

Because this is a pretty complete template, the procedure is to make sure
everything is checked in the Import and Update list.

Is it possible to import document corruption through Import Formats?

I tried the doc> MIF >doc route.  The original and MIFfed files are
different according to UNIX, and if I do a cmp -l I get a lot of different
changed octal values.  Doesn't tell me anything useful, though.

Ed (Friday afternoon approaching, inquisitive instincts declining) Treijs

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