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Re: When will Adobe come clean on FrameMaker 7.0 gray boxes? [GRAPHICSFORMATS]

> I guess we COULD entice some poor work-experience victim to sit down
> with The Gimp or Photoshop or whatever and convert those hundreds of
> graphics to GIF.

...or use ImageMagick to convert them in batch. The whole
process, converting graphics and fixing references, could
be scripted away fairly easily. AppleScript can work with
the "inset file" of a graphic object; I'm sure FrameScript
can do the same. That would eliminate the need to convert
to MIF, although MIF would probably be faster.

I just had a thought: how many colors do your graphics
have, typically, and what's the color depth of the file?
If you have a lot of 24-bit graphics, you might be able
to trim them down to 256 colors (8 bits) and your grey
box problem would probably show up less often. You'll
probably find that 256 colors is sufficient for Windows
screen shots; I've had to use them several times and
24 bits is overkill.

Granted, Frame should deal with the situation more
gracefully... or at least be more forthcoming about what
the problem really is. But until Frame's development pace
approaches Mif2Go's, you might as well look for a
workaround. :-)

Larry Kollar, Senior Technical Writer, ARRIS
"Content creators are the engine that drives
value in the information life cycle."
    -- Barry Schaeffer, on XML-Doc

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