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Re: Printer Driver Resolution


You have indeed run into an anomaly of Windows NT/2000/XP. When
you get beyond a certain threshold of resolution and point size
multiplied, Windows GDI converts text into outlines. The symptoms
are much worse with Windows NT 4 than Windows 2000 or XP. In
Windows 2000, at the 600 dpi setting, you can get about 120 pt type
as text but at 1200 dpi, that would come out as vectors. At 2400 dpi,
you would likely have troubles with type at pointsizes as low as 24.
Our recommendation is to create PDF with 600 dpi setting for the
Acrobat Distiller PPD. Also, note that at higher resolutions, you
will also run into a FrameMaker bug that prevents larger page
sizes from imaging.

        - Dov

PS: The problem (Adobe considers it a bug, Microsoft considers it
a "feature") that you ran into has absolutely nothing to do with
the PostScript driver other than that the driver reports the
current resolution setting to the GDI subsystem of Windows.
Microsoft has made no commitment to fixing this!

At 1/9/2003 02:21 AM, Nick Parker wrote:
>Having had problems in the past with pagination changes in FrameMaker when
>we change from printing to a laser printer to printing to a high
>resolution typesetter, I had always forced the resolution of our laser
>printers to a high value in the PPD to avoid the effect (the Windows
>drivers work at the resolution given, so rounding errors are different
>when you change resolutions).
>We've been on old drivers, and I'm now looking to install the latest
>(called 1.0.6 on the Adobe site, but identified as 5.2.2 in the generated
>PostScript) and I've found a strange effect. If I print at 1200dpi the
>fonts are sent out normally, but if I print at 2400dpi the fonts are
>vectorised (given really bad screen display).
>Has anyone met this before? Is it a documented effect? Is there a way to
>stop it happening (keep the high resolution without vectorising)? Does
>anyone know at what resolution the change happens?
>Thanks for any help.
>Nick Parker
>AIS, France

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