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Re: When will Adobe come clean on FrameMaker 7.0 gray boxes? [GRAPHICSFORMATS]


Various people are recommending that MYOB Tech Comms should take screen
shots in any graphics format other than TIFF to eliminate the
grey-rectangles-for-graphics problem.  Well, yeah, that MIGHT be a solution
for the future.

But what about all those legacy documents we created in FrameMaker 6 with
TIFF?  I guess we COULD entice some poor work-experience victim to sit down
with The Gimp or Photoshop or whatever and convert those hundreds of
graphics to GIF.  (Perhaps Dilbert could lend us Azok.)  Then we could show
him or her how to save the FM files to MIF and search and replace the
'.tif' file extension with '.gif', and reopen the files and save them as
.fm binaries.  'That should just about do it!'* -- that is, deter him or
her from technical writing as a career.  8^)

My belief is that the phenomenon has nothing to do with TIFF as such but
more to do with the very large numbers of graphics in each file to which
conditions are applied.  All our accounting/bookkeeping products
(entry-level, lite, medium, and pro) for all countries are a single fileset
that we customize with conditions for any given release in a particular

The only reason TIFF was mentioned as a 'possible' factor is that it is the
graphics format we standardize on.

So the easiest answer would be for Adobe to come up with a solution.
Either its a bug or a computer resources problem.  So either a patch, or a
recommendation that we upgrade all our computers to lebenty zillion
megabytes of RAM and trentazoom gazillion megabytes of hard disk or
whatever it takes would be welcome.  Or I am just being hopelessly
idealistic again ...


* Gratuitous quote from 'Friends' episode where Rachel and Monica are
enjoying the girly ritual of illicitly trying on someone else's wedding
gown.  Rachel is trying on the gown just as her latest touch-and-go
hot-date-to-be-or-not-to-be enters, causing her to exclaim 'That should
just about do it!'.  Exit terrified hot date.

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