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Uninstalling fonts (was Problems with FM 6.0 installation)

Thomas' message prompted me to have a look at my Fonts folder. I run Win2K 
and mistakenly thought that ATM was continuing to handle my PostScript 
fonts. I also knew my system was burdened by too many unnecessary fonts, 
and sure enough, there are 747 of them on my system. It is time to 
uninstall a bunch of these.

I remember a discussion wherein we were warned not to uninstall certain 
fonts lest we hose our system. Can someone tell me which fonts are required 
by FrameMaker and Windows?



At 05:21 PM 1/7/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>No, you don't need ATM on Windows 2000 unless you use Multiple Master
>fonts or you need the font managing capabilities of ATM (like grouping
>fonts into sets and activating them).
>The PSFONTS folder is used by ATM, but not by the built-in font
>management in Windows 2000 (AFAIK). In that OS, you should install
>fonts ONLY by using the Fonts control panel. By trying to manually
>add font files in the supposedly correct folders, you will mess up
>the font installations.

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