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Re: Problems with FM 6.0 installation

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From: "Tammy VanBoening" <Tammy.VanBoening@netRegulus.com>
> First, unless I misunderstood several posts and some info on the Adobe
> website, with Win 2000, I do not need to install ATM. When I was opening FM
> files on this PC, however, I get that wonderful "missing fonts" message.
> When I reviewed her PSFONTS folder, I see the fonts that FM claims are
> missing. After trying several solutions, in frustration, I set up a font
> directory structure that has worked for me and the other PCs and used ATM to
> load these fonts into this structure (C:/PSFONTS for .PFBs and
> C:/PSFONTS/PFM for the .PFMs), but I still get the missing fonts message
> even after rebooting (warm and cold) the PC.  Thoughts, help, any thing is
> appreciated.

No, you don't need ATM on Windows 2000 unless you use Multiple Master
fonts or you need the font managing capabilities of ATM (like grouping
fonts into sets and activating them).

The PSFONTS folder is used by ATM, but not by the built-in font
management in Windows 2000 (AFAIK). In that OS, you should install
fonts ONLY by using the Fonts control panel. By trying to manually
add font files in the supposedly correct folders, you will mess up
the font installations.

Keep the font files in PSFONTS if you wish, but deactivate/uninstall
ATM and reinstall the fonts by using the Fonts control panel.

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Thomas Michanek, FrameMaker/UNIX/MIF expert
Technical Writer, Uppsala, Sweden
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