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Re: Assigning master pages

Lynn and others,

I would like to assign a different master page to the last page in a 
chapter depending on whether that page is a right- or left-hand page. (The 
footers are different on right- and left-hand master pages.) Can FrameMaker 
or your client intelligently apply master pages based not only on the 
paragraph tag that is mapped but also on which side of the folio a page 
falls? During revision, if the pagination changes, I don't want to worry 
about a right-hand master page being assigned to a page now falling on the 
left-hand folio.


At 11:22 AM 1/3/2003 -0800, Lynne A. Price wrote:
>At 11:39 AM 1/3/03 -0500, Peter Desjardins wrote:
> >I've implemented this by assigning a "firstpage" master page to an 
> element tag found at the beginning of each document.  A "lastpage" master 
> page is assigned to an element tag that is always last in the 
> documents.  Unfortunately, if the document has only one page, both of the 
> trigger elements occur on the page  and Framemaker has to choose one 
> master page to assign.
> >
>   When a page contains more than one element mapped to a master page, I 
> believe FrameMaker
>chooses the page associated with the element that occurs first. Is that 
>what you want
>in this case? Are you getting different results?
>   Let me know if FrameMaker does not address your situation. Tassos 
> Anastasiou and I
>have also developed an FDK client that assigns master pages based on the 
>elements that
>appear on the page. Its functionality overlaps that of FM 7.0; each 
>approach handles
>some cases the other does not. Our client currently allows the user to 
>specify the
>master page to use on the first page of an element, on the last page of an 
>and on all pages of an element. We are considering also recognizing the 
>case of an
>element fitting on a single page.

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