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Re: Illustrator to Frame Question

The answer is that you can indeed save your Adobe Illustrator files
as .EPS files and maintain full content for editability. For recent
versions of Illustrator, though, make sure you select the option for
maintaining editability (produces larger EPS files, though ... the
editable object information is hidden in "comments" in the PostScript

        - Dov

At 12/2/2002 10:22 AM, Smith, Martin wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>A couple of weeks ago Dov advised importing Illustrator images into
>FrameMaker in EPS format, which--thankfully--is the habit that I've
>developed for some time now.
>However, I was wondering: What is the difference between Illustrator EPS
>format and native .ai Adobe Illustrator files. When I save an Illustrator
>file in Illustrator EPS format, Illustrator is able to open the file again
>just fine without any data loss.
>Am I missing something, or can I save my Illustrator artwork in Illustrator
>EPS format without the need to maintain a separate copy in Illustrator's
>native .ai format.
>Many thanks,
>Martin R. Smith
>Encorp, Inc.

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