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Re: Automating Conversion of FM to HTML?

> >2. Can Unix FM docs be opened with PC FM?  
> Yes.  As long as the PC version is the same version number or higher,
> it can open .fm files produced on UNIX (or Mac).  Frame can open MIF
> docs produced by *any* other version, earlier or later.

Yes, but... be aware that UNIX-specific things can cause trouble:
* Fonts are not treated or named the same way on UNIX as in Windows.
  You must make sure to have exactly rhe same fonts installed, and
  be prepared to play with some font mappings in the maker.ini file.
* Image formats are not supported in the same way. Some image formats
  are UNIX-specific and won't work in Windows (and the other way around).
  Some images may display differently, and EPS files may cause gray
  boxes in Windows (for instance if you were using Sun Solaris).

If you encounter problems, you may want to take a look at the
following web pages of mine:

How to handle unavailable fonts:

The "gray box" syndrome:

EPS files and FrameMaker:

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