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RE: FrameMaker7 batching and XML work flows

Have a look at DZbatcher, available for free from


If you need more scripting, there's of course


and, if you know FrameMaker's internal data maodels and a bit of Python,


Some surveys of FrameMaker add-ons:


Kind regards,
Peter Ring

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Subject: FrameMaker7 batching and XML work flows

FM7 Batching and XML Workflow Questions

With FM5.5.6 we use Unix fmbatch extensively to generate books from MIF
documents stored in RCS repositories. This allows us to generated
"current-state" books from whatever has been checked in. The ability to set
cron jobs to automate these processes to run at scheduled times is an
advantage of fmbatch that we have not found available on Windows.

Batching question:
1) Is there a Win2000 based solution to such batching that has all
functionality and reliability of Unix fmbatch? Being able to schedule tasks
to automatically start up at a given time is critical. My Windows using
compatriots have found both FrameScript and DZBatcher lacking. However, if
your batching method relies on these tools and is working well, please let
me know that and any special techniques you are using.

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