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Re: Slighly Off-Topic PDF Question


You are correct that there are no "doodle" forms fields, but there is
an alternative via annotation tools. With Acrobat Reader 5.1 and the
Adobe Document Server for Reader Extensions, you can as a form provider
enable full forms, annotation, saving, attachments, and digital 
signature capabilities for individual PDF files.
See <http://www.adobe.com/products/server/readerextensions/main.html>
for more details.

        - Dov

At 12/2/2002 12:56 PM, Geoffrey Andersen wrote:
>Hi, everyone. This isn't stricly an FM question. It's more of an Adobe
>Acrobat question. But I know there's a fearsome amount of Adobe-related
>knowledge concentrated on this list, so I thought I'd throw my puzzler
>Basically, right now I'm taking pre-existing government documents
>(static PDF's used in reporting requirements) and making them
>interactive by adding forms. Now, 99.9% of all these forms simply
>require text fields or checkboxes. However, they are medical related...
>and I'm in a section where the PDF documents include diagrams of the
>human body that are to be marked by the doctors.
>Now, obviously, it would be really easy to just leave the diagrams
>alone, and have doctors fill them out after the form has been printed.
>But, it might be nice if the forms on top of the diagrams allowed the
>doctors to use something like the Pencil Tool to make marking directly
>onto the diagram. Not every doctor would be able or want to do this, but
>if I can add the feature, that'd be nice.
>Of course, there is no "doodle"-type form field in PDF. And I'm not even
>sure that Reader HAS a "pencil tool", so it might only be of use to
>people with the full Acrobat suite... I tried making a button that would
>activate the "pencil tool" but there seems no way to do this through the
>menu options available to button forms.
>So, anyways... This is my challenge, as it stands. Anyone out there
>feeling bored or inquisitive, and want to offer me some thoughts about
>how to make "doodle-able form fields" in a PDF doc? If it's absolutely
>impossible or unfathomably complex, I'll just do without it. But if
>anyone has any helpful thoughts, hints, or suggestions... they would
>certainly be welcome.
>PS: If you don't think it can be done, and can explain why, I'd welcome
>that input as well.

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