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RE: Error on importing Word file to Frame+SGML

Probable problems are graphics, tables, or corrupt 
Word document.  Most likely corrupt file.

Copy out portions of the document to a new Word doc.  
Gets rid of problems due to corrupted Word files.
Do not SAVE-AS.  Copy content to a clean file.

Convert tables to text in Word and then convert them
back to tables in FM.

Using FM6, I was more successful converting .doc files
into FM than using RTF files.  I was given RFT, saved
as .doc in Word, and the graphics came through fine,
and it supported conversion better as DOC.

-----Original Message-----
I am using FrameMaker 5.56 on a PC and I'm importing a Word 97 file (copy
into document). This is our standard procedure, and we use a customized
Word template optimized for this.

However, I have a couple files that are giving me a problem. As the
progress bar approaches 50% or so, it stops, and then I get this error
  The filter encountered an error and could not complete the translation.

I've been trying to figure out what the problem is with the Word files.
Alas, these files have a checkered past, and none of my usual Word
troubleshooting techniques has resolved the problem. They *seem* properly
styled and free of weird stuff. Since the files look ok, I don't know what
needs fixing! The Frame filter documentation hasn't given me any leads.
Does anyone know what kinds of things cause the Word 97 import filter to

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