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TRADOS Workbench and PS code frames

This question applies only to those who use both TRADOS translation memory software and PostScript and/or PDFmark code in PS code text frames on the FrameMaker master pages. Apologies for the cross-post, for I am neither angry nor made of wood.

We've noticed that the PDFmark tags come out in the ancillary.rtf files as:
<ps "" 36>

The PDFmark commands and their values are treated as legally translatable text. Unfortunately, the PostScript interpreters do not take well to the commands coming across in any language other than English.

Moreover, PS coordinates with decimals get converted to commas, rendering the PAGES command useless. We've worked around this by using whole numbers, but are still faced with the greater dilemma.

The command text also counts against our word count and increases translation costs.

I've heard of TRADOS Tag Editor's ability for users to tweak an .ini file---allowing the software to lock or ignore structural SGML elements.

Does Workbench have that same capability? Does anyone have any ideas?

Best regards,

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