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Re: Error on importing Word file to Frame+SGML

At 04:47 PM 2/11/02, Thomas Neuburger wrote:
>Hi Rachel,
>This is not an uncommon problem. Word (or RTF) to Frame is dicey at best. 
>Try outputing to .rtf instead of .doc AND using the Japanese RTF import 
>filter that comes with Frame. That seems to be more robust. You might also 
>try Save As in Word using different flavors of Word/RTF files.

I have been working with an allied problem: XML tables into Framemaker.

(Have a solution that seems to work fairly well - I'll post the details 
when I verify it all the way through again. It will also work on other XML 
files with minor tweaking of a conversion to HTML script.)

It was suggested that I use the Japanese RTF file converter to take my Word 
RTF output and oddly it chokes every time but the plain Windows one doesn't.

I don't get it myself.  Anybody have more clues?


Allen Schaaf
Sr. Tech Writer
Fourelle Systems, Inc.

Who says bad manuals aren't a risk to your life?  Just ask the passengers 
of the jet where the engine caught fire because the company's maintenance 
manual was wrong about how to install one key bolt.  (NTSB Report on GE CF6 
engine fire, American Airlines flight 574, July 9, 1998. 

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