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Re: FM+SGML: multiple attribute values

At 02:48 PM 2/11/02 +0000, Mark Barratt wrote:
>I have an FM+SGML document suite that features an element with both 
>multiple attributes and (optionally) multiple values, from a specific 
>set, per attribute.
>A bit of prototyping suggests this is a modest nightmare for authors. 
>They have to remember the values, and type them correctly. With 
>single-value attributes from a specific set, authors get a drop-down menu.
>Would it be possible to constrain multiple attribute value entry through 
>some kind of tick-box interface via work in the FDK, or AppleScript, or 
>something? If it's possible in theory, does it sound like a major piece 
>of work?

  It is certainly possible and not terribly difficult to construct such
a user interface in the FDK. Do you only want to provide a method of
entering such attributes, or do you want to check that all values
fit this pattern? Remember that it is possible to copy and paste
attribute values and to change them through the Find/Change dialog.
If you want to check all these possibilities, the amount of work increases.

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