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Menu config question and graphics tip

Hi framers,

While customizing keyboard commands I stumbled on a great little command:
GraphicsPickObjProps. I wanted to add it to a menu, so I added this bit to
my customui.cfg file:

<Add GraphicsPickObjProps
	<Menu GraphicsMenu>>

Unfortunately, what's added to my Graphics menu is another "Object
Properties..." entry, NOT "Pick up Object Properties." I tried adding the
command to other menus (including a new one) with the same results. Anyone
else run into trouble like this customizing menus?

"GraphicsPickObjProps" picks up properties from the currently selected
graphics object so that the next object you draw will have those properties.
I wish I had discovered this some time ago! It's available via the keyboard
sequence: Esc g O.

Cheers, Adam

Adam Korman
Senior Designer
Cooper Interaction Design

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