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RunAround Problem.

     Template has a text frame on the masterpage that contains a variable
displaying the contract number. The frame is located in the lower righthand
corner of the text frame containing the main flow in the sidehead area (sidehead
is on righthand side).
     The contract number must not print over body page text, so the text frame
is set to have runaround properties of "around Bounding Box".
     If it matters, this is a structured SGML document.
     Runaround works perfectly for paragraphs and sideheads. If there is no
sidehead, the paragraphs can run to the bottom of the body page. If a sidehead
falls over the master page text frame, sidehead and paragraph are sent to the
next page.

     This doesn't work for page width tables. The tables run over the text frame
making the lower righthand cell illegible.

Anybody have a workaround?

Eric L. Dunn

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