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Re: Formatting captions with figure/table number

Esmond Pitt wrote:

> No, put the tab after 'Table' and before the number: solves all problems. This
> seems to work better with a space after the tab for some reason:
>         Table\t <$chapnum>-<n+>\t
> (NB R-aligned tab must align on '-' not '.'.)

LCS: you don't get to pick which character a right aligned tab uses;
     that option is only available for "decimal" tab stops.

I don't see how this solves the white space issue Paul originally
raised, as your approach just shifts where the excess falls to between
the word "Table" and the number, rather between the number and the
caption text.  Unless I misunderstood, the request was for how to have a
set amount of separation regardless of the number of digits in the
chapter and table numbers.

> However, personally I use an en space before the number and an em space after
> it:
>         Table\sn<$chapnum>-<n+>\sm

I agree that this results in a clean, predictable design, and often use
the special spaces as well (depends on customer requirements).

The only issue I have with this is a problem completely external to
FrameMaker:  the appearance of special spaces in bookmarks in PDF. 
Precisely because of that, at the request of one client, we redesigned
all the autonumber formats to use standard spaces (one or two) instead
as they must have every table and figure "bookmarked" in the PDF.

 -- Lester
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