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Re: Need fancy stuff in HH output

On Fri, 8 Feb 2002 11:37:23 -0500, "Sulbha Bahl" <sbahl@ansoft.com> 

>I'm  using FM 6.0 and converting the files to HH, using Mif2Go. 
>To all you gurus out there,

Thanks for writing to the list before writing to us!  We *are*
a bit snowed under right now, and that is considerate of you!

>I need to create pop-ups-
>	The User's Guide talks about using Alert markers, but that has a
>restriction of 255 characters. Any other solution?

Yes, a few.  But first, you need to consider that HH as it comes
out of the box supports "text-only" popups.  This does not allow
*any* font changes, not even bold or italics, any images, or any
HTML code.  If you are happy with what's left, use the steps given
in the Users Guide, par. 16.2.8, "Creating popups".  Otherwise,
you have two alternatives:

1.  Use KeyHelp, a freeware DLL from Ralph Walden that allows
you to embed better popups.  See:
You will then need to use Mif2Go macros to construct the needed
HTML code around your content.  That's explained in Users Guide
chapter 17, "Using Mif2Go macros for HTML".

2. Use WinHelp for the popups.  This is the method used by MS
in Office 2K.  This works best if the popups are being called
from the application, rather than from other topics in the .chm.
See the Users Guide chapter 6, "Generating WinHelp".

>	Is there any way to get a secondary window?

Yes, it's easy.  See User Guide par. 16.2.6.  You also have
some additions to make in your .hhp, namely the window defs; 
see the MS HTHM Help Workshop docs for those.  (It's easiest 
just to add them in HHW using its dialogs.)

>How can I get the Related Topics button?
>	The User's Guide mentions something about Alinks but nothing about how to
>use them!

Er, here is the full text of par. 16.2.9 (chapter 16 is the HH,
JH, and OHJ chapter, "Generating HTML-based help"):

 In this section: Choosing how to include ALinks and related topics Using formats and macros for ALinks Using custom markers for ALinks

Par. contains two examples of how to create the buttons.

>I would like to do all the tweaking on the FM files, and not touch the HH

Absolutely!  That's the only way to go.  **Never** alter a file
Mif2Go generates.  You are making extra repeated work for yourself,
and you are sure to forget some essential tweak the night before
the final delivery...  There's always a way to do it in the Frame
file and/or the mif2htm.ini.  Use those methods!

Please let us know if you have any further problems.  HTH!

-- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
   (jeremy@omsys.com)     http://www.omsys.com/
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