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Re: New master page

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The simple answer is it can't.  FrameMaker wants the same page layout
for all pages to flow easily: if one master page has a sidehead area, it
wants a side head area on all the master pages.

The better answer is of course, but it takes a (very) little bit of

There is a simple trick - FrameMaker does not (really) care about the
SIZE of the sidehead area, it just has to be there.

For your cover page, give it a very small side head area, like one point
with a one point gap between the sidehead and regular text columns.  If
you're a stickler for the size of the text column, make the text frame
two points wider (shifted two points to the left as well if necessary).

Ellen Vanrenen wrote:

> I have a document template I use with a page layout that has a side-head
> area. I created a cover and imported it at the beginning of the document,
> but it uses a master page with the template layout. How can I create a new
> master page that has no side-head area but flows like a new document when
> you first open it?
> Thanks.

You're welcome.

> Ellen Vanrenen
> Technical Product Documentation Specialist
> Clear Technology, Inc.
> telephone: 303-583-4170 (direct line)
> email: ellen.vanrenen@clear-technology.com

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