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Re: Formatting captions with figure/table number

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Would it be acceptable to have a fixed amount of space between the
number and the caption text, but a varying left margin?

For example:

     Table 4-3  Table Title
   Table 10-13  Table Title

If so, add a right aligned tab stop to the paragraph tag, and also a
leading tab character to the autonumber string (\t is the tab):

	\tTable <$chapnum>-<n+>\t

If not, then you are limited to either accepting the varying amount of
white space or changing to a set number of spaces between the components
of the title.  Note:

Paul Kent wrote:

> My figure and table captions include a tab between the figure number and the
> title of the figure or table. For example:
> Table 4-3       Table Title
> Table 10-13     Table Title
> I think the text above probably illustrates my concern.  Note that the space
> twixt the number and title.  If the chapter number and figure number are
> both single digit, the space is huge, when they're both double digit, the
> space is sorta tight.  As I type this it occurs to me that maybe I should
> just discard the tab and use a double space instead.  Is this what everyone
> else is doing?  I'm curious.
> Thanks
> PK
> J. Paul Kent
> TriPath Imaging Inc
> pkent@tripathimaging.com
> 425-556-5031

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