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Netscape Does Filter Out Duplicates

Hello Esteemed Framers,

Since the big discussion yesterday
about the royal pain of getting rid
of duplicate files, I've carefully
checked.  I don't get them.
It's been a non-issue for me,
for almost two years.

I received a file just once, a few
minutes ago, addressed to both
FU and FF.  I wasn't certain
yesterday;  but I checked just
now, and indeed I have a number
of such cross-posted files
accumulated just since Christmas.

Whether it's Netscape, or EarthLink's
server software, which has eliminated
duplicates arising from cross-posting
before they ever reached me, I can't be
100% certain.  But my best guess is
that Netscape did it.

The Netscape website has a cornucopia
of browsers which may be downloaded
free.  4.79 and 6.2 are the two newest
ones respectively, in different families.

Despite Microsoft's monopolistic ie
juggernaut -- to paraphrase Mark Twain,
"Reports of Netscape's death are
greatly exaggerated."

I hope this helps.

Chuck Hastings      cwh2@earthlink.net

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