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RE: Obnoxious CharFmt (and other) character tags

> I am trying to clean up tags in an inherited book and have
> been plagued with numerous CharFmt and other tags that keep
> popping up everytime I do a File > Generate and Appply Formats. 
> I have 5 tags that just won't go away. Some keep returning
> to the body pages, while others continue to reappear in the
> reference pages (in the HTML tables).  I also have a rogue
> tag derived from one of tags used in cross-references that
> keeps showing up and I can't find anyplace where it's used.

I'm not sure how Generate and Apply Formats work, but it's
possible for a character tag name to be referenced in variables,
cross-ref formats, index markers, etc. without actually being
used or even defined in the Character catalog. Maybe the function
picks them up? Saving the file to MIF and searching for the tag
name would give you some clues.

> A typical syntax line might look like:
>     XYZ {A|B} [p1, p2, p3]
> Many of my rogue CharFmt tags are showing up on the braces,
> commas, spaces, or paragraph marker.

Possibly a bug in Create and Apply Formats. Try resetting these
lines to the Default P Font and then reapply the real tags.
Or search for the CharFmt tags, and at each instance replace
with Default P Font (keyboard shortcut: F8 Return).

Finally, don't run the command again if all you have left
is these CharFmt tags. They seem to re-generate, so just
replace them and delete them.

Personally, I never use Create and Apply Formats since I don't
trust it... I prefer generating reports of used formats and
track them down manually. If you have large amounts of rogue
formats, that may not be a very efficient solution.

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