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Re: A vicious circle?

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From: "Nilles, Tom" <tnilles@opticalsolutions.com>
> Frame 5.5.x
> WIN-NT 4.x
> How do you set the default page condition on a generated file? When I
> generate a list of figures or list of tables, it automatically defaults to
> "keep page count even". 
> This causes my table of contents to count the even numbered blank page (up
> until Chapter 1, page numbering is set to continue). When I delete the blank
> page, my pagination is now off. [...] 
> File is set-up to "Next Available Side" 
> These files do not use standard left/right master page

First, use Format > Document > Numbering to set Before Saving & Printing to
Delete Empty Pages. Save the file and make sure no blank page is present.
Note that if you have applied a non-standard Master page to a body page
late in the file, this automatic deleting of pages doesn't work.
You then have to use Special > Delete pages instead.

Next, open the file following the one(s) with problems, and make sure that
the first paragraph (the title perhaps) doesn't have a Pagination setting
of Top of Left page or Top of Right page (Top of Page is OK).

Next, check once again that the file(s), including the one following the
trouble file, is set up to Next Available Page.

Finally, re-generate the book. Your problem should be solved.

Note that the setting Start Page Side in the book file setup will affect
the setting Before Saving & Printing (mentioned above) in all individual
files when the book is updated. The book setting always override the files'.

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