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Obnoxious CharFmt (and other) character tags

Hi, all..

I am trying to clean up tags in an inherited book and have
been plagued with numerous CharFmt and other tags that keep
popping up everytime I do a File > Generate and Appply

Earlier messages posted on this problem helped me determine
that my problem might be aggravated by the use of
conditional text, so I removed all conditional tags and
restored the text to "normal" paragraph and character
formats as per the rest of the doc.

I've done global replacements of the bad tags with good
ones. I purchased FrameScript and Rick Quatro's
StripCharFmt script that restores anything with these bad
tags to the default paragraph font -- this seems to work
just perfectly.  I did a "find" on all of the bad tags in
the body pages and received a "not found" confirmation that
they are gone.

I also went to the reference pages (because I have HTML
tables there) and the master pages and cleaned up any of
these bad tags. I cleaned out the character catalog by
deleting all of the tags and then created and applied the
formats again.  

I have 5 tags that just won't go away. Some keep returning
to the body pages, while others continue to reappear in the
reference pages (in the HTML tables).  I also have a rogue
tag derived from one of tags used in cross-references that
keeps showing up and I can't find anyplace where it's used.

I am so frustrated -- can anyone clue me in on why this
won't go away?

As a final note, this is a command reference guide and it
is loaded with tons of syntax definitions, which is where
most of these bad tags are cropping up (at least in the
body pages).

A typical syntax line might look like:

    XYZ {A|B} [p1, p2, p3]

My syntax line has a para tag called CODE, which is a
regular Courier font. However, I also have an "as is" BOLD
character tag and an "as is" ITALIC character tag, which I
would apply to my example as:

BOLD for XYZ, A, and B
ITALIC for p1, p2, p3

Thus, the curly braces, square brackets, and commas are
left in the default para font for the CODE tag.

Many of my rogue CharFmt tags are showing up on the braces,
commas, spaces, or paragraph marker.

Does this make sense? What am I doing to trigger this

Thanks in advance for any insight that anyone can provide.

Ada Lai

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