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Frame to Acrobat problem: Huge PDF files

Greetings-I posted this message to the Framers list this morning and have
yet to receive a helpful response. One person referred me to the archives.
If I had found the answer in the archives, I wouldn't have bothered posting
to the list. Anyway, I hope the people here don't mind me posting this here.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am on digest so please forward any
replies to my personal email address. Thank you.

Elizabeth Klisiewicz

Good morning-I am having a problem with the size of my PDF files. Until
yesterday, I had no problem at all with Acrobat. Everything worked great.
Now I am getting PDF files that are twice the size of my FrameMaker source
files and I have no idea why. I saw a similar problem with a PDF file I
created out of MS Word, so I am wondering if my Job Options are set
incorrectly in the Distiller. I use the Screen Optimized setting in
Distiller 4.05. Here is an overview of how I have things set:

General Tab-Compatibility to Acrobat 3.0, Optimize PDF is checked,
Resolution is set at 300 dpi
Compression-Resampling boxes are unchecked, Compression is checked and set
to Medium
Fonts-Embed all fonts is checked and Subset all Embedded Fonts is checked
Color-default settings; I never touch these
Advanced-Allow Postscript file to override Job Options is checked. The other
settings are default settings that I don't touch.

I am using Frame 6 and Acrobat 4.05 under Windows 2000.

I haven't changed these settings and they've always produced clean looking
manuals that are a reasonable file size. Does anyone have any ideas about
what could be causing this? Please copy any replies to my email address
because I am on digest and need a solution before tomorrow. Thank you.


Elizabeth Klisiewicz

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