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Re: FrameMaker+SGML EDD question: Inline formats

Why not create a single text-range element named CharFormat, which has a 
single choice-type attribute whose values are Bold, Italics, Subscript, 
etc. The general rule for this element would specify itself as an 
inclusion, thus allowing you to apply multiple in-line formats to the same 
text. The format rule section has a rule for each attribute value. Later, 
if you decide to add more in-line formats, you just add them to the 
allowable choices for the attribute.

At 11:43 AM 1/23/02 +0100, Andersen, Verner wrote:

>I have some basic question about inline formats such as Bold, italic,
>superscript, subscript, markers, index and glossary entries.
>Right now my plan is to insert them in all TEXT elements as inclusions.
>Element (Container): DT-DescriptiveText
>General rule:   <TEXT>
>         Inclusions:     CO-CallOut
>                 Inline-Bold
>1. Should I use inclusions or attributes for the inline formats?
>2. Is there an easier way to specify all the inclusion formats?
>2. Is it a good idea to let markers, index and glossary entries be part of
>the FrameMaker template in stead of the EDD? I don't plan to restrict the
>usage of these entries to specific elements.

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