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Re: Frame to Acrobat problem: Huge PDF files

Hi Elizabeth,

Are these the same files that produced "good" PDF yesterday, or are you 
talking about different files? If the files are the same, have they changed 
between yesterday and today?

Tom Neuburger

The Masters Series: FrameMaker 6
ISBN 1-930597-01-0
On sale at http://www.bn.com

Elizabeth Klisiewicz wrote:

>Good morning-I am having a problem with the size of my PDF files. Until
>yesterday, I had no problem at all with Acrobat. Everything worked great.
>Now I am getting PDF files that are twice the size of my FrameMaker source
>files and I have no idea why. I saw a similar problem with a PDF file I
>created out of MS Word, so I am wondering if my Job Options are set
>incorrectly in the Distiller. I use the Screen Optimized setting in
>Distiller 4.05. Here is an overview of how I have things set:
>General Tab-Compatibility to Acrobat 3.0, Optimize PDF is checked,
>Resolution is set at 300 dpi
>Compression-Resampling boxes are unchecked, Compression is checked and set
>to Medium
>Fonts-Embed all fonts is checked and Subset all Embedded Fonts is checked
>Color-default settings; I never touch these
>Advanced-Allow Postscript file to override Job Options is checked. The other
>settings are default settings that I don't touch.
>I am using Frame 6 and Acrobat 4.05 under Windows 2000.
>I haven't changed these settings and they've always produced clean looking
>manuals that are a reasonable file size. Does anyone have any ideas about
>what could be causing this? Please copy any replies to my email address
>because I am on digest and need a solution before tomorrow. Thank you.
>Elizabeth Klisiewicz

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