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Bad letterspacing from inkjet

Using a Canon S800 inkjet w/their latest Mac OS9x driver (v3.7.5) it's
changing letterspacing of space characters for a small amount of 21pt title
text set with a 25% spread. Plain and nonbreaking spaces are ignored, en's
get about the tracking value as if the space were absent, em's get what
looks like a plain tracked space deserves.

There are potentially many variables to test, of which I've run several
before posting this:

The problem also occurs
- when the subject text is extracted to a new, otherwise empty file
- using both Times New Roman and Verdana
- also at 20% spread
- under driver v3.7.4.

The problem doesn't occur when printing to the Mita copier (I don't have a
laser to test here), nor does it occur when printing to the inkjet from Word
using Word's expanded spacing controls.

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