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Re: Bad letterspacing from inkjet

Sort of makes you think that the variable here is that Canon driver since
you don't see this with other printer/driver combinations. And since we are
not talking about a PostScript driver, I can't do anything to fix it, sorry!  (8^)>

HOWEVER, since you haven't seen this happening (yet) with output from
Microsoft Word, I will speculate that the problem likely stems from the fact
that with most text in FrameMaker, you generally employ pair kerning. It is
"on" by default as opposed to Word in which it is either "off" by default
or it is broken by default (separate discussion). Implementing pair kerning
generally requires chopping up text strings into separate PostScript "show"
operations with spacing commands in-between or when not directly generating
PostScript directly, issuing the equivalent GDI (Windows) or QuickDraw (MacOS)
commands, again decomposed text strings with microspacing in-between. That
is often the variable between Microsoft Office applications and FrameMaker.
I suspect that you may be encountering some type of round off bug in that
Canon driver. You should call their tech support folks.

        - Dov

At 1/14/2002 10:51 AM, Bart Windrum wrote:
>Using a Canon S800 inkjet w/their latest Mac OS9x driver (v3.7.5) it's
>changing letterspacing of space characters for a small amount of 21pt title
>text set with a 25% spread. Plain and nonbreaking spaces are ignored, en's
>get about the tracking value as if the space were absent, em's get what
>looks like a plain tracked space deserves.
>There are potentially many variables to test, of which I've run several
>before posting this:
>The problem also occurs
>- when the subject text is extracted to a new, otherwise empty file
>- using both Times New Roman and Verdana
>- also at 20% spread
>- under driver v3.7.4.
>The problem doesn't occur when printing to the Mita copier (I don't have a
>laser to test here), nor does it occur when printing to the inkjet from Word
>using Word's expanded spacing controls.
>Bart Windrum

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