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Re: Master Page Updates

Hi James,

This looks like an issue where you have to see the file to know what's 
really happening.

But just guessing, it sounds like there are text frames on the body pages 
that aren't generated from current master pages, perhaps because the flow 
tag is different, or because they were (gasp) manually placed there. There 
are a couple of situations in which text frames could have been orphaned as 

You might start by looking at the flow tags. Do they match those on the 
master pages? If that doesn't provide a solution, select the body page text 
frame and move it aside. Is there another text frame underneath?

Hope this helps,

Tom Neuburger

The Masters Series: FrameMaker 6
ISBN 1-930597-01-0
On sale at www.bn.com

James Stauffer wrote:

>I'm about to put my foot through the screen. I've spent the past hour trying
>to get the body pages to accept the master pages changes I've made.
>This is FM 6.0 on NT 4.0. I inherited this doc from a former writer so I
>don't know its origins. I was trying to change the format by modifying the
>Left/Right master pages. The dimensions of text frames have been changed and
>a side head added. When shifting back to the body changes, I don't get the
>warning about format overrides and the body pages do not reflect the
>There are only three master pages -- First, Left and Right. I've done Master
>Page Usage... a hundred times. I've done Update Column Layout... a hundred
>times. I've MIF'd the file and reopened it.
>The oddest thing is when I deleted all the text and empty pages, closed the
>file, reopened and space-barred three new pages into the doc. Sure 'nuff,
>they came in with the old layout WHEN THERE ARE NO MASTER PAGES THAT HAVE
>I would really appreciate any suggestions.

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