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One person in my department is having odd problems with FrameMaker 5.5.6 NT
which results in lost documents.

Saving to the UNIX filesystem (via a Samba server), he gets the message

"File *BLAH* has chaned on the disk since you last opened or saved it.
Someone else has probably modified the file.  Do you want to save it

Click Okay....

"The document was saved to a temporary file, but FrameMaker can't rename it
to have the correct name.  The newer version has an odd suffix."

Unfortunately, at this point the document we're trying to save is no longer
in the directory.  There may still be a .backup file.

The next time we try to save, similar messages, and the .backup file is also

Using Save As, and just leaving the existing name, worked for a while then
stopped working.  Removing the lock file and saving worked for a bit, then
stopped working.  Saving to a different name seemed to keep working.

We just moved all the files to his PC and no problems so far (but our PCs
are not backed up!).

The first time we checked File > Preferences, Automatic Backup on Save was
not selected so we selected it.  Second time we checked, Cross-Platform File
naming was MS-DOS so we changed it to UNIX.  Network File Locking has been
on all along.

All the rest of us use similar NT machines with Frame 5.5.6, and save on the
UNIX filesystem.  The only time I've seen antics like the second error
message was when the filesystem was out of space.

Another problem this person was having was Frame crashed when he tried to
use the doc scroll bars.  We just had Frame reinstalled this morning, but he
says that the scrolling crash still happened when he tried it.  However,
when I asked for a demonstration just now, no crash, scroll bars work fine.

Any ideas or hints where we should start to troubleshoot?  I haven't been
able to find anything useful on the Adobe support database.


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