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Re: Win2k and font handling

Actually, there is no "PostScript support" built into Windows 2000 / XP.
Rather, Type 1 (non-Multiple Master) and OpenType font support are
integrated into the operating system.

Whether a font is included in the PostScript job stream is controlled
by what fonts are listed in the PPD file for the printer driver instance
being used.

There are also driver settings related to font substitutions to allow
use of resident Type 1 fonts for particular TrueType fonts.

In general, per recent email to this list associated with a workaround for
the Zapf Dingbats display problem, most strongly recommend that users
assume that there are NO resident fonts in any PostScript printer. See
a copy of this posting on the Adobe User-to-User FrameMaker Forum at
for a detailed discussion of the problems that this avoids and how to
muck with your PPD files and driver under Windows 2000 / XP. Whatever
minimal performance gain your service bureau THINKS that they may gain
via use of "resident fonts" could easily be grossly overshadowed by
problems caused by their resident fonts not really matching the fonts
you composed with.

        - Dov

At 11/28/2001 10:54 AM, Brian Rheault wrote:
>I understand the Postscript support is built into W2000, but how does one
>control whether a Type 1 font is "resident" or not. We create PostScript
>files to be printed at our Service Bureau, who have given us a list of
>their "resident" fonts. Previously, with ATM 4.1 and Win98, you could
>individually mark fonts as being "resident" or "auto download", ensuring
>that the font inofrmation was included in PS file. However, how do you do
>this under W2000? I can find no where in ATM, the print driver, or the
>Fonts folder to control whether font information is to be downloaded or
>not. I know some applications allow you to specify whether to download the
>fonts or not, but this is usually all or none, and this feature is not
>available in FrameMaker. Can someone help or clarify?
>Brian Rheault

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