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Where to send repeatable fatal Frame 6 error logs?

I have a lovely repeatable crash on printing to PS file using Distiller
driver, that's blocking me from delivering PDFs for a release, and I'd
adore to send my collection of fatal error logs to Adobe if I can find
where to send them. (Frame has now quit giving me the "serious error and
must quit" message when I run the same process again; it just dies.)

I was working through this book and its files a few months ago,
resolving iteratively and painfully issues that seemed to derive from
someone else accidentally importing plain ASCII text into the files as
JIF (because that's what Frame 6/Win was defaulting to and the other
party didn't know any better). And now I've come back to try and finish
the process only to discover that the files are once again breaking at
the same place they did originally. The usual tricks (save to MIF and
back, and examining the fatal page in MIF code) aren't getting me
anywhere now.

Thanks in advance. 

Deborah Snavely
Document Architect
QA & Documentation
Aurigin Systems, Inc. 
home office: 541-688-8690
voicemail only: 408-517-7414

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