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P.S. Where to send repeatable fatal Frame 6 error logs?

P.s.  Please send by direct email; I get the digest.

>  -----Original Message-----
> From: 	Deborah Snavely  
> Sent:	Tuesday, July 17, 2001 9:28 AM
> To:	'framers@omsys.com'
> Subject:	Where to send repeatable fatal Frame 6 error logs?
> I have a lovely repeatable crash on printing to PS file using
> Distiller driver, that's blocking me from delivering PDFs for a
> release, and I'd adore to send my collection of fatal error logs to
> Adobe if I can find where to send them. (Frame has now quit giving me
> the "serious error and must quit" message when I run the same process
> again; it just dies.)
> I was working through this book and its files a few months ago,
> resolving iteratively and painfully issues that seemed to derive from
> someone else accidentally importing plain ASCII text into the files as
> JIF (because that's what Frame 6/Win was defaulting to and the other
> party didn't know any better). And now I've come back to try and
> finish the process only to discover that the files are once again
> breaking at the same place they did originally. The usual tricks (save
> to MIF and back, and examining the fatal page in MIF code) aren't
> getting me anywhere now.
> Thanks in advance. 
> Deborah Snavely
> Document Architect
> QA & Documentation
> Aurigin Systems, Inc. 
> home office: 541-688-8690
> voicemail only: 408-517-7414

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