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PS and PDF problems with FM6 on UNIX


I did not find solutions for my problems in the frame maker
"help" or in any FM newsgroup/mailgroup:

1) If I print my FM6 book (containing 6 documents) with
   2 rows and 2 columns (thumbnails) into one PDF or PS
   file then the result gets smaller from one document to
   the next.

   It is the slides of the first document is printed well.
   The slides of the second document are about 10% smaller,
   the next ones about 20% and so on. The last ones take just
   a quarter of the paper size.

2) Without thumbnails the slides are printed vertical to the
   paper. Neither selecting "A4" nor "Special" (for horizontal A4)
   lead to an other result.

3) The Paper Size in the PDF or PS file is always set to "Letter"
   instead of A4. The settings in the FM6 documents are ignored.

4) Using fmbatch for printing results in slightly better PS files.
   Again the Paper Size is Letter and so the result of "psnup -l -4"
   is cutting of some of the slides postioned on the right side.

Any solutions?
Or do I have to open each FM file and print it out one by one.

I remember that in version 5.x I could not print out a book with
thumbnails but I could print it side wise without problems.
But "all is getting better", eh?

        Friedrich Alexander Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg
            Institute for Computer Aided Circuit Design
  Paul Gordan Str. 5, 91052 Erlangen, Germany, Fax: (+49) 9131 852-3111
           Martin Padeffke   Phone.: (+49) 9131 852-3115                 
          e-mail: padeffke@lrs.e-technik.uni-erlangen.de             
            W3 : http://www.vhdl-online.de/~padeffke   
              W3 : http://www.vhdl-online.de/

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