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Re: Maybe OT: FM and IE interaction?

Art Campbell wrote:

>Anyone have any ideas why, when switching between IE (5.5, but it's
>been a problem for several releases) and FM 6, the FM warning message
>saying that "Font information has changed, etc." displays? On Windows
>2000 ... going on into FM doesn't reveal any changes or text movement
>on screen.

Hi Art (sounds like a movie :)

I'm not familiar with those programs (IE and Frame) interacting in that 
way, but there are several ways to get the "Font information has changed" 
message. The message always appears when you change printers, for example. 
Generally, it can be ignored.

Dov has explained this some months ago as a reasonable but conservative 
warning. Maybe it should read "Font information could have changed...".

Dov's earlier message to one of these forums (fora?) explains the 
triggering mechanism. A search would probably turn up that message--look 
for Dov as the poster and the font message in the body of the post.

Why IE triggers that message is a mystery, but I find that when the system 
is not NT-based, low memory causes font interference between programs. For 
example, if I haven't rebooted in a while on a Win98 machine, browsing Web 
sites with uninterpretable Asian characters can cause uninterpretable 
characters to appear in other open programs. The solution has been to reboot.

Hope this helps,

Tom Neuburger

The Masters Series: FrameMaker 6
ISBN 1-930597-01-0
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