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RE: Another maddening bug/feature

There is some obscure way to resize many of the dialogues. Isn't it done somehow through the .cfg files at C:\Program Files\Adobe\FrameMaker5.5\fminit\configui, maker.ini, or something like that?

Yeah, it would sure be nice to just resize with the mouse but I've seen folks do it somehow. I think Shlomo Perets has a tutorial on his site (http://www.microtype.com).

Anyone sitting on this ancient pile of arcane wisdom care to share details?

Regards and Happy-day-after-Halloween from the Frame Templar

>>> <hedley_finger@myob.com.au> 11/01/01 04:48PM >>>

And while we are begging for FM to remember the size and position of book
and document windows, how about making as many of the dialogues as possible
RESIZABLE!  Consider the tiny lists in the Conditional Text dialogue for
one, where you have to scroll, scroll, scroll, to view all tags and long
tags are truncated, making hard to distinguish those with similar names.

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